Monday, 14 November 2011

General Information

The Team from the Regina Pacis Centre welcomes you in a stunning mountain area not far away from Ladybrand and the North Border of the Kingdom of Lesotho.
The Centre is placed near the Assisi-Mission from the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen and since the beginning the Sisters also take care for the Centre together with people in response from the Archdiocese of Bloemfontein.
The beauty and tranquillity of the landscape surrounding the Centre helps everybody, to break away from the stress of city life and to spend a time of peace and spirituality in a atmosphere of warm hospitality.

History of Regina Pacis
The Regina Pacis Centre was founded twentyfive years ago and since the beginning in 1986 countless people, younger and older ones, church- and schoolgroups as well as other social groups could find accommodation and a place to rest, to upgrade their knowledge in different ways, to enjoy the community with others or to experience the possibility to spend a time of proper retreat far away from disturbing influences.

The Retreat Centre
Even if the Centre belongs to the smaller ones, there can be accommodated around 60 people in eight generous bungalows and two special houses, equipped with sittingroom and bathroom.
One bigger conference room and three smaller rooms make sure, that any group can find the possibility to gather and to find a suitable place for their special needs.
The Centre is established in simplicity, but for this it is also not to expensive to spend a time there.
For your booking contact us simply per e-mail: or per Cell: 0027781988564.

Map & Directions
The Regina Pacis Centre is situated only around 150 km away from Bloemfontein. Follow the N8 from Bloemfontein in direction Ladybrand. After passing the farm area of Westminster take after a few kilometers attention for a sign on the left side which shows the way to Marseilles. Follow the road and the signs which lead you to the Assisi-Mission and the Regina Pacis Centre.
Coming from the other direction, from Ficksburg-Ladybrand, you will find the sign with leads you from the N8 to Marseilles on the right side.

Contact Details
Tel:       0519240096
Cell:      0781988564
Fax:      0519242278
Adress:    P. O. Box 1106,  9745 Ladybrand

Archdiocese of Bloemfontein
Franciscan Sisters of Siessen